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Some Topics Covered in the Investment Policy Statement IPS

Investment policy statement exampleThis will benefit the investment manager. Click the button below to download the free sample, or first read the topics covered in a investment policy.


This is a vital element to be included in an IPS. All investment decisions should follow a desired asset allocation model and risk tolerance and with the right time horizon to ensure best rate of return. These investing goals are very useful to guide them toward their expected portfolio returns. When they have proper and clear goals, these will motivate them to achieve. These goals also assist the investment officials to achieve their desired return on the portfolio as a whole. For this reason, this element is very important in the investment policy statement ips documentation.

Asset Allocation

When people want to create a prudent investment portfolio, they should also include strategic asset allocation. This speaks of the investing strategies focused on diversifying the portfolio for optimum safety and returns. All investors should conduct a portfolio analysis and discuss with their investment managers the different investment objectives. Your company can hire a financial adviser to handle this. It helps them diversify their portfolio with the right instruments to meet financial objectives. Diversifying properly with variable and fixed income securities can improve asset security. This helps them choose the right types of investments so they can avoid loss from financial disasters that may occur in the future.

Investment Returns

This is another important item you should include in the policy. Different assets classes usually carry different rates of return on investment (ROI). The portfolio should therefore be diversified with mutual funds, stocks bonds and other assets. Most investors, of course, usually want to choose only instruments that yield high ROI. They however also need to consider the risks of their investments. Investment managers must manage all risks to achieve projected returns. Our free sample will help you in projecting and reporting the right returns.

Management of Portfolio

Some investors manage their portfolios themselves while others hire managers to do it for them. Creating a great investment policy statement ips document is a most important step for all investors to effectively manage their portfolios. This is beneficial to both the investor and the portfolio manager or financial advisor. It helps both parties to maintain the overall performance of their portfolios effectively. It also ensures the placement of investors’ money in the right instruments and asset classes.


Most investors usually want to know the condition of their assets at any time. For this reason, they usually include proper monitoring system for checking their portfolio. The set desired risk to tolerance and liquidity requirements, as well as desired returns. They include all details that are relating to monitoring and reporting. The investment management or investment adviser ensure that the short-term market and long-term financial goals are realized They also prepare regular reports to monitor and review the performance of the investments against set investment goals.

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